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Is HCG the Right Choice For You to Lose Weight?

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Great discussion yesterday with dietitian Lisa Nelson of, Matt Gallant, and Sherman Supley both of We covered Weight Loss from A to HCG: An Honest Discussion and had more to discuss than we thought. . .went 20 minutes over on time! Don’t worry, if you had to leave early the replay is available.

Here are a few of the questions we covered:

  • What metabolic and hormone tests can aide you on your weight loss journey?
  • Is detox right for you? HCG? Bariatric surgery?
  • What daily habits will set you up for success?
  • Which one tool is essential to maintain long term weight loss?
  • How do you set up a custom plan that is individualized and specific to your needs?

You’ll get a chance to hear both Sherman and Matt share their story and struggle with losing weight and how they have learned to live life to keep the weight off. That’s the bottom line. . .you need a weight loss plan that will provide long term results.

This is the third call in the teleseries “Conversations with the Masters of Healing”. The call replay will be available for 48 hours. It’s not too late to listen it! Go to to register and access the replay.

On Thursday we’ll be covering everything you want to know about hormones, from hot flashes to hormone replacement therapy, with Dr. Alicia Stanton as we discuss Hormone Harmony: Intertwined with the Foods Your Eat.

‘See’ you on the next call,

Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD


Dr. Shelby-Lane Blog


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