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Medical Simulation:Optimata’s Virtual Reality Patient Engine

Optimata’s patent-protected technology, which comprises a computerized biosimulation system for optimizing drug therapies, is expected to benefit clinical decisionmaking and clinical treatment. Optimata received a U.S. Patent -“Treatment protocol generation for diseases related to angiogenesis” – which the company says “protects a system and methods for modeling diseases which relate to angiogenesis processes, and optimization methods to predict improved treatment regimens.”
The patent protects technology that simulates the angiogenesis process and the way it is affected by diverse drugs.
This reinforces Optimata's position in the field of predictive oncology. By using Optimata’s Virtual Patient Engine drug developers will obtain early indications about the effects of drugs in development and clinicians can gain insight as to various treatment strategies. The company says they will use of its Virtual Patient platform for personalizing several new drugs.

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