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Michael Nissenbaum, CEO of Aprima and Dr. Eric Fishman speak about the Aprima product line at HIMSS10. Currently, there are over 2,200 providers using the Aprima EHR/PM product. Mr. Nissenbaum reviews the history of Aprima, and its target market that is mostly 1-10 physician practices. Mr. Nissenbaum further discusses the Aprima EHR, which is not template based, but rather based on speed and usability. It was built at Stanford University using the input and direction of 18 physicians. The product is unique in that it is chief complaint driven, with 400,000 relevant terms.

Mr. Nissenbaum and Dr. Fishman talk about Aprimas connectivity with different technologies, such as the new Patient Portal, Patient Kiosk, Speech Recognition, dictation, etc. The discussion closes with Mr. Nissenbaums projections for the EHR market in 2010, and affirmations that Aprima is well positioned to remain a strong industry leader.

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