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mHealth: Still Don’t See the mHealth Opportunity in Augmented Reality? Watch this Video!


Thanx to analyst and bloggers Brian Dolan of MobileHealthNews and David Doherty at 3G Doctor Blog for this link ...

Based on research under NIH grants and in partnership with the Veterans Administration, this mobile app promises to be a potentially groundbreaking advance for visually impaired users. This is an automated visual scanning system that increases the functional independence of visually impaired users by providing a mobile system in which the person can easily recognize objects such as packaged goods, money, CDs, text, barcodes, and landmarks in their environment.

Another component of this LookTel system extends the capability further by offering a “virtual pair of eyes” via the use of a cell phone camera and data link to a remote assistant who can look at live images through that cell phone camera and then describe the person’s surroundings ...

... Ipplex, the holding company that serves as an umbrella company for iVisit, the video and mobile video company that works closely with the Wound Technology Network, has recently launched this product, which is called LookTel ...



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Comment by CC-Conrad Clyburn-MedForeSight on March 28, 2010 at 10:45am

Thank you. There are a number of Medtech-IQ members who are world class experts in this area, including, Parvati Dev, Ben Sawyer, Mary Kratz, Jerry Heneghan and Bob Waddington. I would interested in what they think about augmented reality as a mobile app for healthcare, and the upcoming meeting. Thanx Paul,

Comment by Paul Cox on March 28, 2010 at 10:30am
There is an interesting conference in May - Games for Health 2010 in which there is discussions of mobile device. The utilization of augmented reality and games for health care is definitely an emerging area and people are trying to figure out how best to utilize to power of mobile devices for serious applications. Here is the web site for the conference.


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